Why RiverFloe?

RiverFloe offers clears advantages over other authoring and single-sourcing systems:

Simple Installation

RiverFloe does not require SharePoint, database servers, or any other centralized hardware or software installation. All you need is Word. You can download and install RiverFloe, and generate your first sample Target document, in less time than it takes to park your car and ride the elevator to your office. Try it and see.

Ease of Use

There is no long learning curve required before you can use RiverFloe. The basic functions are extremely powerful and easy to use. You can master them and apply them to your own documents, within minutes.

No Revolution Required

You are not required to adopt a strategic decision, rethinking the way that your company does documentation, in order to start using RiverFloe. You can start by applying RiverFloe to a single document. Once the advantages become obvious, you can gradually use RiverFloe with additional documents, as required – at the pace that suits you best.

Customer Support

As a RiverFloe customer, you will enjoy a very high level of dedicated and personal support. This includes any support you may need in getting the most out of the the RiverFloe application, as well as advice or consultation concerning your single-sourcing and documentation strategy.