Developers and Service Providers

As a consumer of documentation technologies, you can benefit from RiverFloe.

But you can also use the RiverFloe platform to leverage your experience and creativity, and become a solution provider as well.

Strategic Documentation Solutions

The RiverFloe architecture enables the easy integration of external software modules into the Target generation process. You can build your own modules – or develop them in conjunction with the RiverFloe programmers – for integration into your own business processes, or as solutions that you develop and sell directly to your customers.

Marketing Platform

You can generate your own revenue stream, by designing and building your own commercial documentation packages or functions, and contracting to have them marketed as additions to RiverFloe. The RiverFloe end-to-end software business platform works to your advantage, including: secure download servers, protection (obfuscation) of your software, user licensing, and ordering and payment infrastructure.