Single Sourcing

The RiverFloe document generation machine includes a built-in fully fledged single-sourcing capability.

Using the RiverFloe GUI to apply markup elements to content in your Source document, you can do things like this:

  • Insert a RiverFloe IF Block around large or small pieces of content, for conditional inclusion in the Target.
  • Logically identify Word elements in your document (such as heading levels, tables, rows, columns, cells, paragraphs, sentences) for conditional inclusion in the Target. These elements are identified by the presence (or absence) of specified text.
  • Define re-usable content chunks, with variant ‘flavors’. Each content chunk has a name; you use the chunk by merely quoting its name in the content of the Source document.

The RiverFloe concept of generating multiple Target documents from a single Source document is directly analogous to compilation of software code: producing variant applications from a single code base.

The RiverFloe techniques are powerful, yet extremely simple to understand and use. They allow you to maintain a single document with variant content for multiple products and customers. You create and maintain your content in a single Source document – relying upon RiverFloe to generate delivery-ready and up-to-date Targets, whenever you need them.