Mission Statement

Not a straight jacket – but transformation.


By all accounts, Microsoft Word is the program of choice for most people producing documentation, and there are very good reasons for this. Nevertheless, because Word is a mass product (one of its main advantages!), it often lacks capabilities that are required for specialized professional needs.

Apparently, it is difficult for Word to cater to the needs of professionals who are willing to walk the extra mile to achieve their professional goals – without compromising the expectations of more casual users, who have no interest in high-level professional process and who demand, above all, a one-dimensional model of use. Once upon a time, it was considered the ultimate virtue: What you see is what you get…

Well and good; it can certainly make for an easy and simple life. But what if you need more?

There are some documentation products that try to provide the features that Word lacks by valiantly reinventing the wheel, thus prematurely consigning Word to the dustbin of history. One problem with this is that the universal power and convenience of Word is lost. Another problem is that reinventing the wheel costs a lot of money, to be born by the user. These products can be very expensive indeed.

Enter RiverFloe.

RiverFloe offers the best of both worlds. First of all, we take a strategic decision to stay with Word. But at the same time, we analyze the requirements of professional documentation people and serious specialized users, and provide professional solutions, in the form of a single, affordable, integrated addin to Word.

Sometimes, these solutions address relatively minor issues, such as removing redundant empty paragraphs; or adding ‘Table continued’ lines; and generally supplying other such functionality not provided by Word.

But other RiverFloe solutions are vastly more powerful. For example, RiverFloe’s single-sourcing capability (easy to use, but exceedingly complex under the hood).

All  RiverFloe solutions have this in common:

  • They are all part of a single Word addin that is simple to install.
  • RiverFloe solutions are designed to remove tedious and repetitive tasks from the shoulders of the document author.
  • RiverFloe solutions will encourage you to think about your content in completely fresh ways, by creating a new and intriguing nexus between the machine and the creative mind.
  • RiverFloe will enable you to evolve document processes and methodologies, suited exactly to your individual pace and needs, without turning your work environment upside down.

More: Our vision encompasses a creative collaboration between authors and the RiverFloe document generation machine. As a RiverFloe customer, you get the entire package, and you can utilize all of it, or those features you decide that you need.

But we also invite you to enter into a collaborative dialogue with us, to help determine the kind of functionality that professional authors would like to see in a documentation engine.

We are looking for features and functionality. More than that, we are looking for process: a higher order of productivity and creativity.

We cannot guarantee to implement every suggestion. But if we feel that your requirement will enhance our product, we will implement it. Indeed, if we consider it makes business sense, we will implement it free of charge.