If you want to…

If you are a professional business writer, and you want to:

  • Maintain a single document with variant content for different products and customers.
  • Create marketing and user documentation in a single document, with separate output for each model or version.
  • Re-use variant chunks of texts in your Word documents.
  • Rebrand customer documents, radically altering the look and feel.
  • Develop new techniques and processes for efficient generation of business documentation.
  • Develop reusable software solutions for documentation tasks.
  • Include extensive annotations, notes, and content in your working document – to be excluded from the published version.
  • Focus on your writing creativity and producing content, and spend less time on technicalities.

If you are a creative writer using Word to record your ideas, and you want to:

  • Write your novel or short story, and extract different versions as part of the creative process.
  • Easily extract magazine articles from your book or dissertation.

If you are a business or creative writer (or both) the RiverFloe document generation machine will give you the capability to do any or all of these things – in a single, free(!), easy to use, integrated, and intriguing package.