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A logic engine that transforms your document? Yes; indeed, yes!

You create your content. In addition, you supply instructions for RiverFloe to apply required transformations.

Then you click the RiverFloe Generate Target command – and within a few seconds, you have a new automatically generated Target document.

The Target document may be radically altered, or enhanced and polished in subtle ways. It depends on your requirements. You decide. But whatever you decide, the value to your document is added automatically by the document generation machine, saving you time and effort.

The secret lies in the differentiation between the Source document and Target documents. You create the Source: RiverFloe creates the Targets.

RiverFloe never changes your Source document. But it does use the Source as a single dynamic base, to generate any number of variant, ready-to-be-delivered Targets.

What exactly is a Source document?

A Source document is a standard Word document that contains your content, together with the necessary markup for RiverFloe to generate the Targets. All markup is in the form of standard Word content that you (with the aid of the RiverFloe GUI) insert into the document – there is no esoteric internal code. A Source document is distinguished via a simple naming convention: the filename must end with .Source.docx.

What are Target documents?

Target documents are automatically generated from your Source document by the RiverFloe compiler. The Target document is your published document, tailored to its specific purpose down to the last detail, and ready for delivery to your customer.

How will RiverFloe impact my current documentation processes?

The powerful RiverFloe technology for generating multiple Target documents from a single Source document has been implemented as an addin for Microsoft Word. It is simple to download and install, and remarkably easy to use.

You merely add a light and safe markup to your existing document, thus supplying the information for the RiverFloe compiler to multi-purpose the document, according to your needs.

You do not have to make a major shift in the way you or your organization works. You do not have to adopt and master a documentation system that is radically different to the evolving Word environment that you have worked with and known for years.

There is no server or database installation required. Yet, you can create and share reusable content by storing content chunks in centrally located Word documents (on a network), which the RiveFloe compiler can access for purposes of single-sourcing, standardization, and consistent re-use, throughout your organization.

Who can benefit from RiverFloe?

Almost anyone who needs to produce and publish documentation can benefit from RiverFloe:

  • Businesses can use RiverFloe to produce technical, marketing, and customer documentation.
  • Documentation experts can use RiverFloe to leverage complex projects.
  • Professionals in any field can use RiverFloe to streamline the production of their professional documents.
  • Creative writers, including translators, can use RiverFloe to assist the creative process.

There are many advantages to being able to multi-task your Source document.

Besides enabling you to create variant Targets for different customers, you can also conveniently use the Source document to track your internal thinking and work processes; experimenting with various creative options while assembling and working with a mass of internal content which–from your author’s perspective–is intrinsic to your document, but nevertheless not visible (unless you want it to be) to your customer or audience.

RiverFloe adds a logical level to the document. The process of document production will seem much less like work and more like problem solving. The ability to apply rules for automatic modification of the Target document will ease many aspects of document production, bringing about a significant increase in productivity.